Tahfeez Programme

Brief Description of the Programme

Tahfeez is an Arabic word which simply denotes the act of memorization (of the Quran); the program started January 2014 with four classes. The word (Tahfeez) is directly synonymous with the purpose of initiating the program where young people would be enriched with this skill of memorization of Quran and other related subjects.

Programme Objectives

ICICE Tahfeez school aims to bring the benefits of integrated Islamic education to children between the age of 3 – 17 years. The program teaches: Qura’anic Memorization, Communicative Arabic, Islamic Character building and Edutainment.

Admission Process

Names of prospective students/pupils are registered on the waiting list all year round. Forms are sold for N5,000 prior to admissions then prospective students/pupils are subjected to placement test which would determine their selection/placement.