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ICICE is soliciting your support to expand the masjid from the current 1,000 capacity to a 7000 capacity edifice.

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Through the ICICE Care, the centre actively engages various communities within Nigeria in order to provide services to improve the well being of the society.

ICICE uses funds raised by the center for various
humanitarian services according to the principles of Islam.

IQRA College

Our tailored programme and courses is suitable for participants who desire to learn basic to advanced knowledge of the Arabic language, both spoken and for the Qur'an,

Our courses are offered for both adults and children

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Training & Workshops

ICICE offers a range of training and workshops and offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn trending and marketable skills. Click on the title link to find out more about our offers.

Masjid Services

The Masjid offers public worship facilities for the five obligatory prayers, Jumu’a, Taraweeh and Eid prayers. It also provides services like funeral, nikah (wedding) and spiritual development.

Iqra College

The Iqra College consist of Tahfeez program and the Arabic Learning programs. The Arabic Learning programs are Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Arabic for Qur’an (AQ).

2020 Ramadan Tafsir

Ramadan Tafsirul Qur’an – Dr Isa Ali Pantami.

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